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Global presence and partnerships founded by a passion for the highest quality products and superior customer experience. AMZ Group's mindset of offering our customers excellence guided the group to grow and diversify continuously.

AMZ Group is extensively working with Zawawi Group.



Offering luxury beachwear and accessories through exclusively located stores. With a strong focus on quality products and service accompanied by an understanding of our industry, we successfully bring and manage high-end European and Brazilian brands within resort comfort and splendour to the GCC.

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Luxurious sea lounges, rooftop bars and restaurants are inviting you to relax in style. Tranquil, serene, and personal, a place to escape and be yourself, the future of luxury lounge experience has arrived.

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A leading dental provider in Dubai with five branches and a large team of dental specialists. Offering the highest level of competence and care in all fields of dentistry using the latest technology available today. Highly qualified specialists of different nationalities are committed to excellence in dentistry and assure patient-oriented treatments with outstanding quality.

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Facilities Management

Specializing in efficient maintenance solutions to commercial and private residences. Through our skilled team, we can ensure experience and excellence in all maintenance issues ranging from painting to plumbing and air conditioning, providing our customers with fast and reliable service from one supplier.

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Facilities Management Dubai
Security Services

Security Services

Extensive security solutions for venues, events, outlets and organisations. Whether looking for a long-term partnership or one-off security service at your event, we meet the highest requirements. All our security personnel are thoroughly experienced, trained and certified within the UAE, rendering you safe to leave your security in our capable hands.

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AMZ Group has ambitious plans to grow in the region, and become a regional operator, within the GCC and beyond, of the brands that it cherishes.

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